The MS damper is a damper using high energy loss characteristics in the stress martensite state of single crystal shape memory alloy (SCSMA®).

  • Feature 1 : Light weight and space saving
  • Feature 2 : Since it is all metal material, outgassing and aged deterioration are extremely few
  • Feature 3 : Temperature characteristics with both attenuation and rigidity stable (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) . Can be used in a wider range depending on the environment


Spacer type



Just by installing it in the mounted equipment mounting part, we will reduce equipment vibration while maintaining high strength and high rigidity.


msdumper2 msdumper3




msdumper5 msdumper6


Isolator type


This is a low rigidity type damper of MS damper series using single crystal shape memory alloy. It is simple and lightweight, made of all metal which does not use polymer material such as rubber and oil, so it is a damper with outgassing and extremely low aging change.

  • Weight : 120 g (nominal)
  • Spring Constant : 1000 N/m (reference)
  • Stroke : ±12 mm (reference)
  • Operating temperature : -30℃ to +70℃


msdumper8 msdumper7