About   We deal with various non-pyrotechnic releasing devices using shape memory alloy of TiNi Aerospace, USA. We also undertake the development (design, analysis, manufacturing, testing) of various holding and releasing devices using this product.     Frangibolt®   Link to TiNi Aerospace ※ The following values are reference values. Please contact us for details as it may be changed.   Model Bolt tensile strength (N) Maximum retention release load (N) Power (W)@28 VDC Bolt size Maximum grip length (mm) Mass (g) Body length (mm)…Continue Reading “Hold Down and Release Mechanism”

About   The MS damper is a damper using high energy loss characteristics in the stress martensite state of single crystal shape memory alloy (SCSMA®). Feature 1 : Light weight and space saving Feature 2 : Since it is all metal material, outgassing and aged deterioration are extremely few Feature 3 : Temperature characteristics with both attenuation and rigidity stable (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) . Can be used in a wider range depending on the environment   Spacer type About   Just by installing…Continue Reading “Vibration Dampener”

Introduction This unit is a power conditioning unit (PCU: Power Conditioning Unit) equipped with a DC / DC converter. The primary side of the DC / DC converter is equipped with a power supply switch, EMI filter and overcurrent limiting function and is electrically isolated from the secondary side. Four systems of + 30V, ± 15V, + 12V, and + 5V are generated as secondary side generated voltages. The primary power supply switch can be controlled by an external pulse signal. Also, due to the…Continue Reading “Power Conditioning Unit”

About This unit is a power switching unit (PSU: Power Switching Unit). +30 V, ± 15 V, +12 V, +5 V power supply can be controlled, and each has a current limit function. The control port of each voltage can be operated by serial communication with external equipment. In addition, when the over current is detected by the current limit function, the power supply is automatically shut off. The state is monitored by the onboard CPU, and can also be unblocked. Reverse current prevention is…Continue Reading “Power Switching Unit”